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Game Play

Game Play

S4C is now offering Instructional Game Play. This is an opportunity for the athletes to come together and compete against each other with guided instruction. The goal is to get the athletes to incorporate the skills they have learned during the clinic. Learning the skills is one thing, but implementing them is a whole other skill set! We hope that by providing this chance to essentially scrimmage (with stoppage of play for instruction) the athletes will feel more comfortable when they are finally on the actual field (lacrosse or field hockey).

If you register for both the clinic and the game play you can get the game play at a discounted rate. Please register for the clinic FIRST to get the correct coupon code!

What You'll Learn

Equipment Needed

  • Complete Lax Stick
  • Goggles
  • Mouthguard
  • Athletic Clothing
  • Sneakers (NO CLEATS!)
  • Water
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