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Equipment Overview

  • Lacrosse Sticks
  • Field Hockey Sticks
  • Goggles
  • Mouthguards
  • Where to Buy Equipment

Lacrosse Sticks

Looking for gear? Purchase a women’s stick (often called a standard stick), not a youth or boy’s stick. No mesh allowed! Most sticks come in one size for girls – typically they are cut to fit your daughter correctly. At the first session the instructor will mark the stick where it should be cut. You can also have it cut by a professional at a sports store.

Very expensive sticks are designed for powerful, experienced players. If you are Grades K-5, it is not necessary to buy a top-of-the-line stick. By the time you grow into the capability of that stick, there will be better technology out there!

If you are order online make sure you order a “complete” stick which is one with the head and the shaft. In the end, most sticks are good, although it is understood that color is important to most young girls. Examples of sticks that are available: (complete stick = head and shaft)

We recommend one of the following sticks:
Maverik Twist
Brine Empress
STX Lilly Youth Stick
STX Ntrance
Under Armour Assert

Field Hockey Sticks

Field hockey sticks have evolved from handmade sticks made from mulberry saplings to finely made wood, composite, and fiberglass-reinforced sticks for today’s field hockey player that provide the player with greater control and power. From that Shorti head that came from limitations of materials to today’s fully composite sticks ideal for drag-flicking, field hockey sticks have undergone a fast evolution. Players have to decide now between many different sticks. Composite sticks with high carbon content increases power, wooden sticks are ideal for indoor play, and fiberglass-reinforced wooden sticks for players learning and developing their skills. Once upon a time, choice in sticks meant whether you wanted mulberry, ash or hickory wood. Now players can select from composite sticks, fiberglass-reinforced wood, or simply wood. Beyond the material, players must choose the right length, weight, head shape and bow position. When you consider that the stick is an extension of a player’s arms, and must be lightweight yet strong enough to offer plenty of power, you realize how important the right stick selection is. Our suggestion is to talk with an expert at Longstreth (link below) to determine the best stick. We are happy to provide guidance as well!

We recommend one of the following sticks:


All girls are required to wear protective eye gear that meets ASTM F803 requirements. Color and exact manufacturer are up to you.

Careful! “Mini” or “Youth” goggles might be too small, even for younger girls. The adjustable strap does not extend far enough to fit larger heads and the cage can be tight/narrow. Try on goggles to make sure they fit comfortably. Goggles should not be tight.

If you wear glasses, you may need to try on several kinds of goggles before you find ones that fit over your glasses.

We recommend one of the following pairs of goggles:
Cascade Minipro
Cascade Polypro
STX Rookie
deBeer Lucent
STX 4sight Pro
Brine Lux


Mouthguards are mandatory for games.

They must:

  • Be colored, i.e. not clear (so don’t blend into the teeth!)
  • Have no straps or tabs protruding from the mouth.

Youth or Adult sizes are available. Some orthodontist supply girls with a special mouth guard for braces. Other girls use the ShockDoctor for braces.

Please purchase two or three, as they are frequently lost.

Where to buy equipment

The following stores have the appropriate lacrosse equipment/gear that will outfit your daughter with everything she needs