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Is my daughter too young to play?

December 28, 2017

Is my daughter too young to play?

I often get the question; is my daughter too young to try field hockey or lacrosse? I have a simple response to that question….if you think your daughter is ready to try the sport than she most likely is! Honestly, we start kids with many sports as soon as they can walk! Think of all the children where we throw a soccer ball at them and let the child “muck” around. We do the same with hockey sticks and skates. We put kids on the ice and let them learn from their mistakes. As a teacher I constantly think about the open mindset idea. Let them try, let them make mistakes and let them LEARN!

The purpose of Stix 4 Chix is to give girls a safe place to “muck” around in a sport that they may be exposed to in their home setting. It is easy to own a soccer ball or shoot around a basketball, but many families do not have field hockey sticks and lacrosse gear lying around!

So, to answer the question, is my daughter too young? My simple answer is….Let’s try! I would not offer kindergarten age groups if I felt that the girls were too young. The girls have the chance to just explore something new and learn from one another! They may not be walking away superstars, but the best thing they are getting is exposure. For a whole other article, we can discuss the benefits of exposure to MANY sports and how they can all help athletes benefit. I would never suggest specialization….however this is a great topic for another blog!